Adel Naidoo I am Powerful

  • Adel Naidoo I am Powerful
  • Adel Naidoo I am Powerful
  • Adel Naidoo I am Powerful


“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I am powerful,

and so are you”

This affirmation is a reminder of the power you have and recognising and supporting each other’s power - which is symbolised with the two roses. These two rose silhouettes are referenced from my ‘In Bloom’ painting.

A gorgeous rose pearlescent keyring with gold details, dusty rose, blue, and light grey pompom tassels. The perfect pair to clip onto larger bags or smaller clutches for a statement.

A beautiful gift for yourself, your girlfriends or a little reminder of empowerment for every little girl.


Set includes:

1x Rose pearlescent motel keyring with gold etching

1x Large pompom and cotton tassels

2x Affirmation cards

1x Velvet gift clutch

Motel keychain:

UV coated, acrylic keyring

Dimensions: 4.5cm wide x 9cm long x 2mm thick

Cotton tassel:

This beautiful tassel is handmade with 100% cotton - please treat with care.

Care instructions: to maintain a gorgeous fluffy tassel gently brush with fine tooth comb

Dimensions: 16cm long

Free Limited Edition Velvet gift clutch:

Velvet cosmetic clutch with gold zip (colour shown in photos).

Please note: This bag is a free gift with every keyring purchase. Bag colour shown comes with this keyring and cannot be swapped for another colour due to limited numbers.

This bag is purely designed as a gift to go with your beautiful keyring and not suitable for daily use.

Care instructions: To avoid staining and to waterproof simply spray the bag with a fabric protector/ scotch guard.

Dimensions: approximately 21.5cm wide x 16.5cm height

Affirmation cards:

Printed on matte finish cardstock

1. 10.5 x 15cm - “You are powerful”

2. 8.5 x 6cm - “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I am powerful and so are you.”